Chris Gets Hurt AGAIN…..This Time Stitches :(

My poor, sweet Chris!! This has just not been his week! First the dog and now this… His nick name is “nice Chris” because he’s always so nice, and it breaks my heart that he keeps getting hurt. I have pulled him from all sports for now, because I am so worried about him getting hurt again. I know everyone says as a mom of mostly boys, I need to get used to injuries and doctor visits, but I am not used to it at all because my boys really haven’t been hurt that much. I don’t want my boys to ever get hurt. I brought my sister with me to the Emergency Room because Matt had to stay home with the other kids who were sleeping, and I am not good at watching things like this. I can’t watch my kids being sad or being in pain, and I really don’t like looking at open cuts of any sort. Heather is a lot stronger than myself in this area. The doctors said he did fantastic. They had called two extra nurses in because they were afraid Chris wouldn’t hold still, but he didn’t move at all, so they sent the extra nurses away. I just wish that we had been allowed to cuddle him or be closer to him when he got the numbing shot, because I could tell that was definitely the worst part. That was the one part they said only the nurse and doctor could be near Chris in case he moved, and it was also the part he could have used our love the most. So from now on, I need to just bubble wrap my kids….or at least Chris! No more owies! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

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